Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Heavens! All the furor over the word scrotum! The book police are at it again.

When librarians are mixed into the fold, and in some cases leading the pack, makes one wonder who'll be left to protect our intellectual freedom.
History shows us that banning books is one of the first steps taken to limit freedom and control a populace.
Newbery Award winner, The Higher Power of Lucky, by Susan Patron is under attack for using the word scrotum to describe the appropriate male body part on a dog. The uproar appears to be that the word has no place in children's literature. Nuts, I say to that.

Recently, here in Florida, there was a great "much ado about nothing" over the theater marquee that announced the run of The Vagina Monologues, forcing the theater to change the marquee to read: The Hoohaa Monologues.
I certainly say HooHaa to that, and so did the courts. It seems a woman driving by with her young niece was faced with the unfortunate task of explaining to the child what a vagina is.
Imagine the child's surprise to find her hoohaa had another name. HooHaa, ha!

Another example of American Facists fast at work.


Asha said...

I would rather say Vagina than HooHaa which is ridiculous!!

Freya said...

The HooHaa monologues? At least kids in America don't know the four letter expletive for that particular part of the body like they do here...seems it's difficult to find a happy medium between prudish and outrageous!
Fun post!

Freya said...

What a great post! It's a very important duty of the government to protect us from this vulgar reproductive vocabulary.
When will people learn to be properly ashamed of their own anatomy?
-Paul (husband of Freya)