Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let's Make A Mango Tango

This is a delightful tropical taste treat loaded with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements providing synergistic wellness.

Sure beats popping pills!

Mango Tango
8 oz freshly squeezed orange juice

one frozen banana

one banana (very ripe)at room temperature

one cup frozen mango cubes

torn leaves from 3- 4 kale stems (or more)

Blend fruit and juice

then add washed, torn kale leaves and pureé until smooth.

Drink up and Enjoy!

The Mango Tango

Friday, December 28, 2007

Raspberry Romaine Royale

When is green not green?

Here's a green smoothie that's like a leopard hiding its spots. The vibrant red of the raspberries overpowered the pale green of the Romaine leaves.

Every now and then I run out of dark green leafy produce. This was one of those days. With a trip to the produce market planned for later in the day, the best I could come up with this morning for breakfast was a crisp heart of Romaine, not quite as light as iceberg lettuce, but definitely on the pale side when compared to my favorites, kale and spinach.

But what a taste treat this combo produced, thick, rich and creamy. Sweet with just a tingle of tartness from the raspberries. This could easily pass for a frozen dessert.

Raspberry/Romaine Royale

1 cup apple juice

1 fresh banana

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 heart of Romaine

Blend well and enjoy - a spoon may be required!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Green Smoothie Queen Challenge

Here it is, the first day of the three day green smoothie challenge. The Raw Divas have put together some great, encouraging information, along with a grocery shopping list, some suggestions for wholesome, tasty combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables to help us all along as we pursue our own particular goal.

Some of us have chosen the raw food path as a means to weight loss. Others are looking for a better way to stay healthy, to prevent debilitating diseases and to build a strong immune system. Those of us who are ill, are looking for a more natural, holistic approach of treatment. And still others are eager to have baby-soft skin again with a glowing complexion free of blemishes. Isn't it amazing that what we eat or don't eat can play such a major role in all the scenarios above?

I first met up with The Raw Divas and their Seven Day Raw Food Detox in July. Since then, I've had a green smoothie EVERY morning. And my other two meals are usually raw. Big salads or for dinner, a light, cooked veggie assortment.

I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10.

I have superb energy, look good for my age (68), have soft skin and feel super. I will add that I'm a breast cancer survivor, twice. Once in 1983 and most recently, just this past month, November 2007. Eating well and carefully is very high on my priority list. I attribute eating well to the long 24 year span between episodes. But I could have done better. I ate no processed foods, avoided deadly whites, ate primarily vegetarian, but I certainly did fall prey to a sugar addiction as well as many rich, gourmet foods that while whole not processed, still were not the healthiest nutrient choices I could have made.

Here's the beginning of this morning's smoothie. I had half the finished rich, green smoothie for breakfast and the other half for lunch. This was a great tasting combo that consisted of the juice from two oranges, a frozen banana, a large chunk of fresh pineapple (about the equivalent of 4-5 rings), a handful of frozen mixed berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries and 1/2 a 10oz bag of spinach.

I had a big glass full (12 ounces) for breakfast and the remaining big glass full for lunch. I just had a crisp, juicy organic Braeburn apple for my mid-afternoon snack. I plan on preparing another big green smoothie for dinner — soon. This one will have more veggies and less fruit. After all, it's dinner not breakfast now!

For those who are just embarking on the raw food lifestyle adventure, this may seem strange and contrary to the long established habit of eating cooked foods. But if you give it a shot with an eager open mind, it won't take long to see the results, feel the difference and have it become second nature to reach for the blender instead of the sauté pan when meal time rolls around.

Monday, December 10, 2007


The Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Blender

I recently treated myself to a new blender. Making a vibrant, green smoothie at least once a day, if not twice, increased my wish for a more powerful machine than the old Krups blender that has served me well for at least 15 years. The challenge with the Krups involved constantly stopping the machine and rearranging the frozen fruit, or pushing down the greens to get everything smooth and creamy.

I've been researching blenders. The Vita-Mix and/or the Breville are great machines if price isn't an issue. But if finding a reasonable, heavy-duty blender is your goal, This Kitchen Aid machine is great for a machine in the $100 range. Check out the details.

The first time I used it, it blew my mind, how quickly and thoroughly everything was pureed without any effort on my part except for pushing the button! Way to go.

If you're planning on joining The Raw Divas for the 3-day Green Smoothie Queen Challenge, having a blender is about the only piece of equipment you'll need along with a supply of fresh greens.
Diva Keely, has posted information, along with a great image of green smoothies charmingly held in a special green smoothie container imprinted with words that offer uplifting encouragement , as we consume these great drinks filled with live foods providing vibrant health and super energy.

It's not too late to sign up to join us for what promises to be a fun-filled experience starting December 17th.

Go Green!

Monday, December 03, 2007

What's Dreamy, Creamy and Green?

This may look like any other green smoothie, but let me tell you, it's not!

My neighbor brought me half of a beautifully ripe papaya from a local tree - no pesticides or fertilizers used. I blended it with a little water to move things along, added a frozen banana and two big hands full of spinach. This is absolutely scrum-delicious.

Check out the nutritional facts of the humble papaya. This is a delicious fruit that rates up in the top three of top nutritional fruits. Great as a digestion aid and particularly helpful to folks trying to lose weight.

The Raw Divas are hosting a 3-day green smoothie challenge beginning December 17th. Consider joining us. This would certainly qualify for a very green smoothie. Mildly sweet, rich and creamy, packed with unadulterated whole foods nutrition — without a taste hint of its healthy properties — just a mouth-pleasing, tummy soothing treat.

If you can find a fresh papaya, try this, it's fabulous. I'm going to check the freezer cases for fresh, frozen papaya chunks to use when local papayas aren't available. And I'm going to boldly ask my neighbor if there are any more where this papaya came from!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Easier Way to Cleanse and Get Your Dream Body - Kevin Gianni

Check out this informative article by Kevin in the latest issue of News Target. Kevin is the author of The Busy Person's Fitness Solution, check out his site for some great guidance and while there, sign-up for his newsletter.

I really enjoyed Kevin's analogy, comparing our fastidiousness with daily showers while completely ignoring the sludge/gunk /filthy build-up inside our bodies. It's our insides that allow us to function. What's up with that? Most of us completely ignore the important parts, the ones that don't show, while lavishing time and products on the parts that do. As if eye shadow and mascara will allow us to live longer and better.

Loved, too, the quote of the title of Jane Pentz's book, If You Don't Take Care of Your Body Where Will You Live?" Great food for thought, isn't it?

Check out Kevin's article. After reading it this morning, I donned the walking shoes and headed out with a new spring in my step. This was the first cleansing, BEFORE the shower and shampoo!

* * * * * * *
Book Nook
I managed to find quite a few 'good reads' over the past two months. Besides those listed, I started quite a few others, but gave them the Nancy Pearl treatment. To paraphrase:
Give a book 50 pages, if you can't get interested at that point, move on to another book. BUT if you're over 50 years of age, deduct your age from 100. The remainder is the number of pages you can afford to give a book that doesn't grab you from the first paragraph or at least the first page.
October 2007
Sweet Revenge Diane Mott Davidson
Flesh and Blood Michael Cunningham
Pontoon Garrison Keillor
Resurrection Row Anne Perry
The Bone Garden Tess Gerristen
Shoot Him If He Runs Stuart Woods
The Food Revolution John Robbins
Almost Moon Alice Seybold
World Without End Ken Follett
November 2007
Book of the Dead Patricia Cornwell
The Lottery Patricia Wood
Paris Trout Pete Dexter
The Way Life Should Be Christina Baker Kline
Montana Sky Nora Roberts
Bridge of Sighs Richard Russo
The Golden Notebook Doris Lessing
Now and Then Robert Parker
New England White Stephen L. Carter
Read - it's a great exercise for the mind, a relaxing escape, and it provides a wealth of enrichment.