Monday, May 19, 2008

The Leaf Wrap
Snack time is a good time to be a little innovative. I've found that using a big crisp, green leaf as a wrap makes for a tasty, low calorie, quick snack that provides a good mid-morning energy boost.

Wrapping half a banana with a bit of almond butter in a big Romaine leaf is one of my favorites. I make two wraps — not to waste the other half of the banana. Sprinkling a little crushed toasted walnuts over the banana and nut butter before wrapping or including a few raisins, adds another layer of flavor, energy and nutrition.

This wrap, done in a big leaf of organic, Florida grown, red leaf lettuce, is stuffed with slim spears of Kirby cuke and home-made hummus.

Using crisp green lettuce leaves as a wrap, isn't a new idea. It's one we forget about, constantly reaching for the whole wheat pita or tortilla -style wrap. Cut out the grains and we cut out a lot of calories while adding a big energy boost from the live leaf.

The protein from the almond butter or chickpea hummus coupled with the live, fresh fruit or vegetables makes a super snack, providing another way to add a few extra servings of raw food to our daily meal plan. The combinations to wrap are endless. A big green leaf, some protein substance to smear over and then a live food filling. Fruit or veggies, nuts and seeds, all work well. And they're fun.

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