Friday, October 03, 2008

Yogurt Cake

The October issue of the Chocolate and Zucchini newsletter arrived in my inbox the other day and I gave into the temptation to make something baked and sweet.

Bags of King Arthur whole wheat, white whole wheat and artisan flours have been loitering in the fridge and freezer for ages.

I've eschewed baked goods and wheat products on my quest to keep an alkaline system and ward off more evil cells. But Clotilde's lovely description of this simple sweet won me over.

I looked over the list of ingredients, everything a pantry staple, then brought the cold items to room temperature before proceeding. Once I measured the dry ingredients into one bowl, and mixed the wet ingredients into another, adding the dry to the wet was all that was required, simple, fast and easy.

I followed the pan prep directions, lining a 10" cake pan with a circle of parchment paper then I buttered the paper and the sides of the pan.

I placed the prepared cake pan in the fridge while I measured and mixed the batter. (This is a little trick I picked up from a cooking class somewhere along the way — it's a superb little trick, assuring easy release of the baked cake.)

Here is the link for Clotilde's recipe. My variation used organic white whole wheat flour and with no rum in the house, I substituted a tablespoon of triple sec and a few drops of orange oil to give the cake a hint of citrus. As an afterthought, a bit of orange zest would have been a lovely addition. Next time, I might give it a lemon tang or layer in some blueberries. Options are endless.

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