Thursday, December 17, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons????
In this case, 'life', was my friend, Helen. These marvelous Florida lemons came straight from the tree, free of dyes, wax, fertilizer or pesticides.
Notice, they come in various shapes and sizes, some needing more scrubbing than others. But each is sweet (for a lemon) and filled with juice. I look forward to receiving a supply each year. I love to make lemonade - preferably 'soda lemonade'. A combination of freshly squeezed juice, a bit of sweetener, lots of ice, topped off with a generous pour of seltzer water. Holiday fare!
Another quick food tip: Squeeze the lemons and freeze in ice cube trays. The sections in my trays hold a generous tablespoon full. When the cubes are solid, I move them to a zip lock bag and they sit ready at a moment's notice to supply that TBS of lemon juice that so many live food recipes call for.

For the cook — a couple of cubes, reduced down in a hot sauté pan with a dab of spicy mustard, becomes a lively sauce, adding a nice finishing touch to a chicken breast, fillet of fish or better yet, steamed vegetables.
Stock up while citrus is in season - limes and oranges are great to juice and freeze as well.
Lemon juice is a wonderful salad topper - the dieter's salvation - but beyond that - an epicure's secret ingredient to producing a fabulous finishing touch.

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