Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Lettuce Wraps
As an appetizer, mid-afternoon snack or salad course, lettuce wraps are a fun change from the same old, same old mixed salad. Cups of crisp Boston lettuce are perfect for rolling around other fresh crisp vegetables. These are simple — incorporating slivers of sweet red bell peppers and snow peas dressed with a lively Satay Sauce, courtesy of Angela Elliot's fabulous little volume, Alive in 5. I'm sure I've raved about Angela in the past and even sung the praises of her Satay Sauce.

Angela's printed instructions for the sauce calls for freshly squeezed orange juice. I personally like the tart taste of lemon juice instead, and add a tablespoon of rice wine vinegar to the mix as well. Mixing a few great ingredients in a little bowl produces a fabulous dipping sauce in minutes. It's a simple combination of tahini sauce, miso, citrus juice, nutritional yeast powder, a bit of agave and a dash of tamari and the kicker - cayenne.

Adding Alive in 5, a little volume of raw gourmet meals, to your recipe collection will give you the 'go to' resource to help produce great ideas quickly. Angela's instructions are five minute wonders.

Light and lovely - fresh veggies with a saucy dip!

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