Monday, March 08, 2010

Leftovers AGAIN?

Here's a quick, light lunch made with a little imagination and some great leftovers.
Ya gotta love those leftovers—often a treasure trove tucked in the fridge.

As a kid I shuddered to eat the same foods reheated time and time again. My mother cooked food in huge quantities on a Sunday and we ate it, reheated over and over throughout the week. With each reheating the vegetables became mushier and mushier and the flavors lost their initial appeal.

For years afterwards, as a grown-up out on my own, I refused to cook 'too much'. Often not having quite enough for seconds or extra if anyone dropped in. Ask my sons.

But as the years have gone by, or perhaps as I've grown wiser with age, having extras tucked in the fridge has become a boon.

Take today, for instance.

Remember the roasted cauliflower from one night last week? And how about that great melange of Swiss chard with onions and raisins? Here they are, again, served cold, stuffed into crisp pockets of Boston lettuce, drizzled with a fresh batch of Angela Elliot's Satay sauce.

See how these things all come together for good?

A little imagination coupled with some tasty leftovers can be magic.

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