Thursday, August 05, 2010

50% Fat Free!
Unable to decide what to have for lunch, I elected to split my sandwich into a spicy, green, fat-free portion, and a juicy, creamy avocado-rich half. Turned out to be a great combination.

Stuffing a pita pocket with lightly steamed kale is a favorite snack—the leaves are sprinkled with fresh lemon juice, a dusting of garlic powder and a few pinches of hot chili powder and then chilled until needed. This clever kale treatment, along with many other fat free offerings, I learned from Dr. John McDougall and his clever recipe-developer wife, Mary, in The McDougall Program.

Slather the inside of a whole wheat pita pocket with dark, spicy mustard or even wine infused Grey Poupon, then stuff with chilled kale leaves. Munch away for a great fat-free, tasty vitamin-rich lunch, or as a side to a rice or grain bowl.

The second half is another of my favorite luncheon sandwiches. But hardly fat-free. Not only does it sport a few generous slices of Haas avocado, but one side of the pita pocket is spread with a couple of tablespoons of homemade hummus, then sliced tomato and avocado are layered on.

Having some of each made a tasty lunch. The kale half was a nice counterbalance to the rich hummus and avocado half. 50% fat-free!

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