Thursday, August 30, 2007

Going Green

I'll admit, I've had a difficult time with green smoothies. My mentors, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and Tera and Amy, The Raw Divas, along with just about everyone in the raw food community, advocate green smoothies as one of the most important 'meals' in a raw foods lifestyle.

Until I made the little number above, I've not been able to palate any of the green combos I've made. The glass above holds blended cantaloupe and organic baby spinach, simply blended in a regular household blender. The ripe cantaloupe cut into chunks and pure├ęd first and then the washed spinach leaves added and blended.

I found this combination posted on the Raw Divas Sisterhood forum by Shari from Everett, WA. Shari uses cantaloupe and either spinach or romaine for a great green smoothie. While the forum conversations describe the flavor as leaning towards vanilla, I found it just tastes like cantaloupe. Nothing wrong with that.

I highly recommend this combination as a great jumping off spot for making green smoothies a part of your diet. Even if you aren't attempting some portion of the raw food lifestyle, this is a potent fresh drink that will give you mega nutrient value along with increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and to top it all off, it's delicious. I used one half cantaloupe and two big handfuls of baby spinach = 8 oz glass. Try it soon.

To Your Health

Till next time. . . To eat well; eat raw.

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Ren said...

I tried the cantaloupe and spinach smoothie. So easy and SO yummy!