Friday, August 31, 2007

A Transitional Dish

Several people have commented that they would like to 'try' raw food but as they have to prepare meals for the family, not just themselves, it's too much of a challenge. Here's a full flavored, easy to prepare, salad that makes a great try-it meal. With the cooked beans and a bit of cheese incorporated, this doesn't qualify for inclusion in the raw food lifestyle, but it's a great dish to bridge the gap between cooked food and raw food.

This is the same corn and black bean salad that shows up on my menu at least once a month in the summer. I make a big bowl full and serve it, with some variations, at several meals. This is simply diced onion, red pepper, tomato, jalepeño, fresh corn, off the cob, chopped cilantro, and organic, cooked black beans, served over greens (your choice). The corn and bean salad is dressed with sea salt, the juice from one fresh lime and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressed). The salad above covers a bed of soft Bibb lettuce and to add a bit more zing, I topped if off with a few pitted Calamata olives.

To serve this salad to family members who expect a 'real' meal, add some cheese (Chevrè is a good choice) and a crisp crusted loaf of whole wheat bread with olive oil for dipping. If you are trying to incorporate more raw fruit and veggies in your diet, this is a good dish to start with.

Simple, fresh ingredients combined to produce a fast, easy, nutritious meal.

Till next time . . . To Eat Well; Eat Raw!

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