Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's an Old Tune

But a refreshing taste treat that's lovely to play again and again!

Papaya and Spinach

The smooth, rich, mild taste of fresh-from-the-tree papaya (one of the advantages of living in Florida) with organic, baby spinach is a green smoothie that anyone will like. My friend, Helen, appeared at my door on her way to work this morning with the two pictured papayas.
Peel and remove the seeds from the papaya and purée it, thin it down with a bit of water and add a banana, either fresh or frozen, to boost the nutrition while adding the barest hint of sweet banana flavoring. Then add half a bag of well washed spinach, preferably organic, approximately 5 oz. Blend until smooth.

It's easy to have breakfast on the go when you make up a big batch of green smoothie and store it in a convenient nalgene bottle. The lovely container above is available from The Raw Divas. Check it out. A plain thermos or nalgene jug will do nicely to carry your food supply to work or play. No excuse for not staying green on any day but particularly during the three day challenge.

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Keely said...

oooooH!!! That is so simple, and looks so yummy!!!