Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Serious Green Juice

Amy Morris gave me three Asian pears when I was at the Orlando Farmers Market on Sunday, encouraging me to juice them by themselves for a real taste treat. I let them ripen a bit on the counter, and this morning decided to use them in my morning green juice.

I juiced the pears by themselves, took a sip, it is delicious, no doubt about it.
But I wanted to expand on the subtly sweet flavor by adding some healthy fresh leafy greens.

Using an abundance of dark, leafy greens daily, is key to good health. I try to have a variety of greens throughout the day. Some juiced, some blended, and some whole in salads. Occasionally, others lightly steamed.

Keeping in mind that these were Asian pears, I added half a lemon, a couple of fennel sprigs, stalk and fronds, along with an inch piece of fresh ginger. All seemed in keeping with an Asian theme. Three big leafy dark green organic leaves of dinosaur kale provided the rich, nutrients that put this drink right over the top for taste as well as nutrition.

TA-DA - the finished product. . . smooth, silky, slightly sweet and filled with good nutrients that the body can use immediately, with no effort or energy expended.
Each ingredient provides its own digestive enzymes, leaving lots of energy to get on with my morning tasks.

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