Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mango—Avocado Rolls
Browsing through the latest issue of Vegetarian Times, I ran across a great recipe for a rice paper wrap. The VT version calls for vegan cream cheese and a couple of other ingredients that I don't use or didn't have on hand. But I did have half an avocado left from lunch, a big ripe juicy mango on the counter and a fresh batch of mixed sprouts. And, of course, a package of rice paper wrappers. Within minutes, I had minced some sweet onion, a little bit of jalepeño, a slice of red bell pepper, diced the avocado, and mixed it all together with the juice from half a lime along with a little lime zest. An improvised guacamole that was just a slight variation from the Vegetarian Times instructions.

Rice paper wrappers are softened with a brief dunk in warm water and then a 30 second rest on the work surface. Once ready, I layered on a generous portion of the avocado mixture, then slices of mango, finishing with a heaping of mixed sprouts.

The wrap is a simple burrito wrap. Lifting the bottom portion of the wrap over the filling, then folding in each side and rolling up to complete. A little practice and it's a snap.

The portions given above were just enough for the three rolls as shown. Another good example of using leftovers or what's at hand. Inexpensive, simple, but absolutely delicious.

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