Friday, August 28, 2009

Savory Smoothies
Lunch or dinner calls for a more grown up version of the standard green smoothie. With a new Blendtec gracing my counter, I've become an absolute smoothie fanatic this week.

Fruit and greens in the morning, blender soups at lunch, fruit ices and iced fruit drinks in the afternoon, you name it, I'm trying it!

Encouraged by the 3HP motor which whispers, "give me your strong and your fibrous - I'll purée them in seconds", I decided to make a savory smoothie for lunch today. With the popular conventional vegetable juice in mind—you know the one that touts 8 veggies—I proceeded to gather fresh produce onto the cutting board.

I actually had 9 items, but I won't count the lone beet green I tossed in on a whim!

This gorgeous green glassful contained eight savory veggies:

yellow squash
sweet onion
beet greens

Precise quantities aren't important with something like this. Use what's on hand, fill up the blender jar, add a little filtered water to get things going, if necessary, and whirl away.

If you're not using a high powered blender, start with the softer veggies and water and purée a bit at a time, adding the greens last. It's a filling lunch - fast prep - and a powerhouse of nutrition.

The blender was a gift to myself. Once I tried it, I wondered why I'd waited so long.


Foodie Patootie said...

Joyce --
I *just now* discovered your blog, and I LOVE it. Your taste palette seems to be *just* like mine (except that you like raw onions and garlic).
How do I sign up to automatically receive your posts to my email? I don't want to miss anything....

Alice said...

I love any kind of smoothie...and the one pictured there looks really good!

Anonymous said...

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