Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Economy of Fresh Foods
Yesterday, I popped into my local produce market to pick up some Florida grown beefsteak tomatoes and these ruby red radishes caught my eye. The greens were so fresh and crisp and the soil clinging to the bulbs was dark and moist. . .radishes unlike those dried up specimens neatly packaged in plastic we so often see at the supermarket.

How could I resist their cry of, 'take me home'?

While radishes are often used as an embellishment to a salad — not something taken too seriously, today I chose to let these beauties star as the main event.

Inspired by an anecdote related by Patricia Wells in Vegetable Harvest, I washed and thinly sliced a few radishes. Using a mandolin would produce more uniform slices, and I would have pulled out my fancy slicer had I been preparing more. But for 3 or 4, I used my faithful chef's knife to achieve fairly thin slices.

With fresh whole wheat pita bread on hand, I sliced a loaf in half making two thin rounds, spreading each with an even coating of softened organic, cultured, sweet cream butter. Then I distributed the sliced radishes in somewhat concentric circles until the entire piece of bread was covered. A sprinkling of sea salt finished it off.

These were quite filling as well as delicious. Accompanied by a welcome glass of light, fruity Cabernet, Sunday lunch was perfect.

Simple fare, to be sure. But with flavors to savor. Inexpensive? You betcha!

The lovely bunch of radishes was only .99!

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