Friday, September 28, 2007

Tropical Delight

This is another taste teaser! A blend of tropical flavors, each great on its own, but in combination they reach a whole new plateau.

I started with the juice from two, freshly squeezed Valencia oranges, added a fresh banana for body, not to mention the potassium, etc. and then added a generous handful of frozen pineapple chunks, a handful of frozen mango pieces and topped that off with a handful of dried goji berries.
Notice I don't get carried away with measuring.
Blend until smooth and creamy, drink and enjoy!
Breakfast or break — this is a super smoothie — simple, fast and filling.


Heidi and Justin said...

That smoothie looks quite delicious!

I make smoothies similar to that one all the time, but I rarely add pineapple. Now I have to go out and grab some frozen pineapple... or buy some fresh pineapple and freeze it myself!

~ Heidi

Keely said...

Very Good!!! I made it for Bob's and my breakfast and we loved it. Mind you, we were out of Goji Berries so I threw a couple of Medjool Dates in there. Tasted great, but we do want to make it again with the dried gojies!!!