Sunday, September 30, 2007

Berry Good, Indeed!
Starting the morning off with a blend of fresh and frozen fruits is a berry good choice.

The Raw Divas recently posted a smoothie combination, sent in by Keely Bush, that consisted of apple juice, dark cherries, blueberries and frozen banana. Keely calls it a BBC. (Blueberries, Bananas and Cherries). Without having to change the name, I simply substituted blackberries for the blueberries. The smoothie pictured above is equally delicious. But do try Keely's combo, too.

This glass is filled with vibrant color, piquant flavor and super nutrition and like most fruit smoothies, lends itself easily to many variations. For instance, Keely used apple juice in her rendition, I used coconut water yesterday and today, I used a cup of pomegranate juice. Varying the choice of berries provides the body with a wider array of nutrients, too.

One cup of liquid (choice of juices or even filtered water)
one banana (I used unfrozen - but frozen would be great, too)
1/2 cup of frozen sweet black cherries
1/2 cup of frozen blackberries
1/4 cup dried Goji berries (optional)

This makes one generous serving. Increase the amounts accordingly to accommodate more servings.
Getting a jump start on the day with a quick and easy to prepare fruit smoothie is one of the best ways to start on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Adding a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to each subsequent meal during the day will not only improve our overall energy level but will effortlessly allow us to cut back on processed treats, empty calories and junk food, helping the body do what it was intended to do: provide vibrant health while healing itself.

Till next time . . . To eat well; eat raw!

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Keely said...

Wow! Great variations. I'll have to try out the pomegranate juice this week. And I think I've got some dried Goji Berries around here somewhere! Just a note... the name of the BBC Smoothie actually stands for Blueberry, Banana and Cherry. Thanks for the nod!!!