Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Get Your Goji Berries

This morning's smoothie was an unusual combination of pineapple, banana and blackberries with a handful of dried goji berries tossed in near the end of the blending along with a half teaspoon of aloe with raspberry flakes. The fruit was frozen and I used coconut water to blend it all.

I recently read John Cole's excellent article on the benefits of goji berries featured in NewsTarget and was spurred on to use goji berries more liberally in my daily food preparations. John does talk of a reasonable supplier for the berrries, as opposed to the small packages available on the shelves of our local markets, but he doesn't provide the source. I've purchased certified organic, vegan goji berries from Good Cause Wellness, a reliable supplier of excellent supplements at reasonable prices.
Check out the remarkable aloe products available at Good Cause Wellness, too, and the unique way the aloe is processed to assure the highest quality while providing ultimate benefits.
Adding whole food supplements to our daily diet will boost the nourishment our bodies need, even if we are 100% raw, and are all the more important if we haven't made it to 100% yet!

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