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Last October I posted a note about the need for more emphasis on education and prevention and less on detection as a means for women to conquer breast cancer. Here's that post:

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Before you fork out dough for more walks for the cure and pink ribboned paraphernalia . . . think about the industry you're supporting. Cancer is big business. Why is all the money and emphasis being spent on detection and cure? What ever happened to seeking PREVENTION? Why are women not being educated as to how they can prevent this deadly disease instead of waiting to be diagnosed with it and then looking for a cure?

A pharmaceutical pot o' gold, and we all buy into it year after year. Shame on us.
Researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark studied 500,000 women to determine the results of breast cancer screening programs. They found that for every one woman helped by breast cancer screening, ten were harmed through false diagnosis or unnecessary treatments that devastated their health.

October is here again, and the big business of breast cancer is alive and well and extremely profitable. Take a gander at all the companies that have jumped on the bandwagon with their Think Pink messages. Many of these companies are selling products that contribute to cancer. They are asking us to buy more of their products so we can get more cancer, and generous souls that they are, they will donate a few cents from each purchase to the many lucrative, non-profit cancer outfits.

Have you ever thought about why The American Cancer Society isn't called The American Anti-Cancer Society? Must be they are cancer advocates, huh? Think about it, if you're not for it, you must be against it, then conversely, if you aren't against it, you must be for it, right?

Mike Adams, at NewsTarget, has covered this topic with more erudition and depth than I can begin to muster. Read his informative, eye-opening article on Breast Cancer Deception.

As a breast cancer victim, survivor, woman, and concerned citizen, I firmly believe it is a mandate for every woman to become more familiar with the literature on how one can avoid known carcinogens — factors that have been proven to contribute to breast cancer and also, to be knowledgeable about the known steps we can take to prevent this aggressive disease that will strike one in every— how many women?
Currently, it's one in seven. Notice that ratio increases with each passing year as we ingest more synthetic chemicals and toxins from our food, water, air, clothing, cleaning products, etc.

For an eye opening exposé of the correlation between synthetic chemicals to the common, near epidemic, diseases we now face read: The One Hundred Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald.

Check out an organization that is actively AGAINST breast cancer and all the contributing factors that have proven to be precursors of the dreaded disease. Breast Cancer Action (BCA).

• Help support a worthwhile cause by joining the Think Before You Pink campaign. Contribute financially and use the leverage of your influential purchasing power by NOT purchasing pink items that contribute to breast cancer and / or other debilitating diseases.

• Make it your business to know what's in the products you buy: the food you serve your family, the cleaning agents you use in your home, the cosmetics and beauty products you use on your skin and hair, the synthetic fabrics in your clothing.

• Don't expect the guy who is making his living by selling you these items to inform you they are harmful — find out for yourself if they are harmful or not.

• Don't wait for cancer to strike and then look for a treatment. Make it your first priority to find out how you can contribute to your own well being by taking essential steps to prevent it.

As women we need to unite and speak up for our healthful rights.
• Don't let big business, whether it's the medical community, the pharmaceutical companies, the chemical companies, or factory farm food giants dictate our future. Take Action Now.

Cartoon courtesy of Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at NewsTarget .com.

Till next time . . . Be Well

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Jeffrey Dach MD said...

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an advertising campaign for national mammography screening.

An eminent radiologist, Leonard Berlin MD says this message fails to disclose the limitations of screening mammography, namely that mammography will miss 30-70% of breast cancers, and leads to over diagnosis and over treatment.

He also says mammography disclosures should be mandated, just like the cigarette and drug warnings that appear on their ads.

Dr. Berlin also points out that 57% of the American women believe that mammograms prevent breast cancer, a misleading message from Breast Awareness Month.

Mammograms are designed to detect cancer, not prevent it. Thinking that a mammogram can prevent breast cancer is like thinking that checking your house annually for broken windows, prevents robberies.

For the entire article, click here:

The Untold Message of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Jeffrey Dach MD

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