Friday, December 28, 2007

Raspberry Romaine Royale

When is green not green?

Here's a green smoothie that's like a leopard hiding its spots. The vibrant red of the raspberries overpowered the pale green of the Romaine leaves.

Every now and then I run out of dark green leafy produce. This was one of those days. With a trip to the produce market planned for later in the day, the best I could come up with this morning for breakfast was a crisp heart of Romaine, not quite as light as iceberg lettuce, but definitely on the pale side when compared to my favorites, kale and spinach.

But what a taste treat this combo produced, thick, rich and creamy. Sweet with just a tingle of tartness from the raspberries. This could easily pass for a frozen dessert.

Raspberry/Romaine Royale

1 cup apple juice

1 fresh banana

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 heart of Romaine

Blend well and enjoy - a spoon may be required!

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Rebekah said...


I have been going back through your archives reading some of your delicious recipes and copying them (hope you dont mind) to make for my husband. I am so glad I found your site (not sure how)!

Also, I am very interested in the green smoothie thing. I am starting a 7 day detox with the Raw Divas next week...I had a green smoothie today and it was mediorcre...I will try your recipe from today though...It look delicious!
Anyway, thank you for writing such a wonderful blog!!!I will visit back often.