Monday, December 03, 2007

What's Dreamy, Creamy and Green?

This may look like any other green smoothie, but let me tell you, it's not!

My neighbor brought me half of a beautifully ripe papaya from a local tree - no pesticides or fertilizers used. I blended it with a little water to move things along, added a frozen banana and two big hands full of spinach. This is absolutely scrum-delicious.

Check out the nutritional facts of the humble papaya. This is a delicious fruit that rates up in the top three of top nutritional fruits. Great as a digestion aid and particularly helpful to folks trying to lose weight.

The Raw Divas are hosting a 3-day green smoothie challenge beginning December 17th. Consider joining us. This would certainly qualify for a very green smoothie. Mildly sweet, rich and creamy, packed with unadulterated whole foods nutrition — without a taste hint of its healthy properties — just a mouth-pleasing, tummy soothing treat.

If you can find a fresh papaya, try this, it's fabulous. I'm going to check the freezer cases for fresh, frozen papaya chunks to use when local papayas aren't available. And I'm going to boldly ask my neighbor if there are any more where this papaya came from!

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